Reflexology and Carpal Tunnel

carpal tunnelReflexology is not a primary treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome but it is a useful and often effective complementary therapy. It is important to keep in mind that although reflexology and carpal tunnel are well-suited, it is still necessary to see your doctor about this repetitive strain injury. Through self-care or visits with an experienced reflexologist, this form of alternative medicine can be a source of relief and improved healing. It is not however a cure or a substitute for regular medical care.
How Reflexology Is Beneficial

Reflexology involves the activation of reflex points found on the hands and feet with applied pressure and massage. These reflex points are connected to the meridian system, which is a set of pathways connecting all parts of the body, much like the circulatory system, except the meridian system exists as subtle energy rather then physical matter. A reflex point on the hand or foot corresponds to an organ or area of the body. Stimulating these points increases energy flow and allows for healing.

For carpal tunnel syndrome, hand reflexology can be used to relieve pain and relax the problem area. By stimulating the flow of energy, it can also facilitate the body’s own healing process. This does not mean that reflexology can cure carpal tunnel, only that it may serve to reduce symptoms and possibly assist the healing process. There are specific reflex points along the hand which can bring relief. Massaging the entire palm of the hand can also help

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