Allergies And How They Affect The Body

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If you’ve ever tried inhaling some pollen from plants, or eating something and finding out afterwards that you’re covered in red blotchy spots or some other nasty effect after you eat, then you’ve experienced firsthand the effects of Allergies. In common usage, an allergy is an adverse reaction toward what is called an allergen, or specifically, the

5 Stretching Exercises To Relieve Back Pain

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Doing some stretching exercises to relieve back pain can help overcome the day-to-day stress that our bodies undergo and the toll that it takes on our backs in particular. Depending on our occupation, we are forced to either stand or sit in one place for long periods of time. This poor posture and the constant compression of our spines

Reflexology and Carpal Tunnel

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Reflexology is not a primary treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome but it is a useful and often effective complementary therapy. It is important to keep in mind that although reflexology and carpal tunnel are well-suited, it is still necessary to see your doctor about this repetitive strain injury. Through self-care or visits with an experienced